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Ago 13, 2010 | English, Marketing On-line, Tecnología de la información

Twitter has finally launched its tweet button which has analog features to the Like button of Facebook. This button gives a lot of opportunities for blog users and web site owners to expand their on-line marketing possibilities.

Adding the button to your website is very easy. You can visit this page and, following very simple steps, you can choose the design of your button, customize it and give extra features to it. A very interesting feature is that you can add two twitter accounts, which would be recommended to follow every time somebody makes a tweet.

If you are familiar with HTML coding you will be able to personalize your button and create it yourself, adding your own design features. To learn how to do this you can visit the following directory

Obviously we are waiting for more features to be added to the button in the future, however it is very clear that introducing this feature is a very important step and it should intend to help professional users of Twitter in controlling statistics of visits and other issues.

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