EADA International Master in Hospitality Management

Today we would like to share with you an overview of the Master Program in Hospitality Management in EADA business school. Situated in Barcelona, this school is one of the best business schools in Europe and among the top schools in Executive education in the world. According to Financial times EADA has been ranked among 65 top world schools providers of Executive education. Apart from that EADA has a high level of recognition for its MBA and Masters programs in Europe.

International Master in Hospitality Management is one of the recently added programs, available for participants. What EADA proposes in their education process is so called ´Learning by Doing´ method. Students get an opportunity to spend most of their studying time not listening to lectures and learning theoretical topics but to get knowledge from practical case studies, with real situations and real companies with real problems. This method gives students opportunities not only to learn the methodology of the given topics by to get used to work in teams, to be able to comprehend practical situations that might occur at their future work.Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración

This Master gives participants possibility to learn in depth various topics regarding hospitality industry. Classes are provided by industry professionals, with huge experience in the field. Most of the professors are working in the industry, and this helps students to get the knowledge about latest trends in hospitality management. For some of the classes, EADA invites guest lecturers from hospitality businesses, who are specialists in various fields. In these lectures, they share their professional experience and transfer their knowledge to the students. Santiago Huertas, director of business development and co-owner at Beezhotels and Optimal Hotels & Residences, took part in the program as a guest lecturer in the fields of Revenue Management and Consultancy.

Courses provided to students are Revenue Management, Development & Expansion Strategies, F&B Professional Concentration etc. A very important part is that every year the topics are adjusted to the preferences of the participants. If the majority of the students in their applications specify that they are interested in certain sectors of hospitality industry (hotel management, F&B) the cases chosen would be directed more towards these topics.

An idea that differentiates this Master from all other Masters is that in order to finish the program and get a diploma all the participants are obliged to pass a Management Training Program (MTP) in a company related to hospitality, whether it is a hotel, a restaurant or a consultancy firm. This MTP should last for about two months, and the participant should work on a management level position in order to learn the processes and apply his knowledge to his work. After finishing MTP a participant has to present a report about what kind of job he/she was performing, what did he/she learn, and how would he rate his satisfaction level from this training. Apart from that, it is possible to write the final project dedicated to the work one has been doing throughout the MTP and describe a project he has been entrusted with during the training.

EADA helps participants in looking for an MTP, by providing students with contacts that the school has with various hospitality companies. However it is for the benefit of the participant to find an MTP that would best match his/her interests, for it may become a strong push to the development of their career. This is when it is important to create a positive impression about you in the university, because professors become potential employers.

Overall, this program gives very big opportunities for students to have an up-to-date knowledge about hospitality market. It teaches students how to be open-minded, initiative, how to manage diversity within the company. In the end, EADA education opens doors for its participants to the professional world, so that they become strong specialists in any field of business they see themselves.