Hair Stylist Contract Agreement

Free Salon Independent Contractor Agreement Template Pdf Word «It`s such a relief to know that I`m covered when it comes to contracts! Paige knows first-hand what it`s like to be a little boss and has carved out her contracts to cover everything you need! Investing was a breeze for me and Paige is forever my go-to-girl for contracts! The last area to be maintained can only be satisfied by an authorized representative of the company and by the contractor who concluded this agreement. Before these parties formally enter into this contract, note the state whose law will govern and enforce this agreement on the basis of the «Ninth Law in Force». Look for the title «Company» at the end of this document. Here, an authorized representative of the company must sign his name in the line «Signature of the company representative», and then record the date on which he filed this signature in the blank line immediately after signing. The company`s signature representative must print his name and the title he holds with the company in the following two lines («Print name» and «title»). The holder of the agreement must sign his name in the line «Signature of the contractor» under the heading «Contractor». The date on which he or she signed this line must be indicated in the line called «date». Finally, the contractor must indicate his name printed on the last space of this section. If the contractor has to pay the rent for the salon or barbershop, mark the first checkbox declaration, then enter the rent amount in a vacuum after the mark in dollars. To do this, you need to find the three control boxes in this selection, and then mark the correct checkbox to indicate whether this rental amount is due «daily», «weekly» or «monthly». If the contractor does not have to pay rent for «chairs, lounge cabins or other company equipment», activate the control box declaration marked «Do not stop for rental».

In «IV. Remuneration», the question of payment is discussed, note the percentage of income generated by the contractor to the company paid by the company to the contractor. Then check the corresponding control box in this declaration («Daily», «Weekly», «Monthly» or «Miscellaneous») to determine when the company pays this amount to the contractor. Note: If you select «Other», be sure to enter the corresponding delay in the space provided for this purpose (for example.B. «Bi-premature»). The opening declaration of this contract will seek a definition of the enterprise and the contractor. . . .

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