Drawing Up A Prenuptial Agreement In South Africa

A marriage contract, also known as an ANC contract or marriage contract in South Africa, governs the terms of a marriage between future spouses. A marriage contract with provision is just like a marriage contract without provision, except that the entries or discounts are shared in the estate of each partner. Would you like to know more about legal agreements? Here are five things you need to know before signing a contract. Marriage contracts are applicable in South Africa. However, the agreement must be certified by the notary and entered within three months in a register of documents. Make an appointment with Divorce Attorneys Cape Town to guide you through marriage contract options, answer your questions, and establish the agreement you choose best for you. The decision to marry in community of property or with a marriage contract determines who receives what in the event of death or divorce. The wrong decision can lead to great emotional distress, delays and frustration. This is an important issue that must be carefully considered by all premutils.

Marital agreements are the most important contract a married couple will sign throughout their marriage. It is carried out before marriage; The function of the contract is to modify or adapt some or all of the inevitable financial dividends of marriage. Pre-marriage is commonly known as Prenup. If you prefer to meet us, our registration fee for the creation of the ANC and registration at the Anc R3450 office (R3000 + VAT) is included. This includes a meeting in our office with you and your fiancé, during which we advise you on the different possibilities and play the role of moderator. Once you have reached an agreement, we prepare the contract while you wait, and the contract will be signed and then submitted for registration to the Documents Office. As leading South African family lawyers, we see the practical consequences of marital property decisions every day. Our experience can help you make the best choice and ensure that your prenup contract or concubine agreement exactly matches your requirements.

When it comes to planning your wedding, the last thing you often think about is a prenup. But here`s the fact: when forming a marriage contract (aka marriage contract or ANC), there`s no question of planning for your couple`s failure: «It`s about protecting both you and your partner from financial stress in the long term,» says Charné. Think of it as a protection of your marriage for the future. Many people think that planning for separation just before a wedding or civil status association is not romantic. However, the preparation of a marriage contract emphasizes that the reason for marriage is love and not money, and can give both people confidence in what will happen if the marriage fails. Last week, we spoke with Charné van der Walt, the financial planner behind Lemons in Lemonade Financial Advisors, about setting your bridal budget (read here). This week, she`s back with even more good advice! This agreement was reached in order to exclude «co-ownership». .

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