Agreement On Scm

7.9 In the event that the member has not taken appropriate measures to eliminate the negative effects of the grant or to withdraw the subsidy within six months of the adoption of the panel`s report or the appellate body`s report, the DSB gives the complaining member permission to take action. , depending on the degree and nature of the adverse effects, unless the DSB agrees to reject the application. All deadlines stated in this article may be extended by mutual agreement. The committee reviews the implementation and implementation of this agreement annually, taking into account its objectives. The committee annually informs the Commodity Exchange Council of developments over the period applicable to them. Statistical data to assess the commercial impact of a subsidy. The term «may» should not be construed in such a way that the procedure should continue at the same time as the execution of undertakings, unless it is provided for in paragraph 4. . The member who intends to initiate or conduct such an investigation allows, upon request, the members whose products are the subject of this investigation to have access to non-confidential evidence, including a non-confidential summary of confidential data used to open or conduct the investigation. – or per capita household income, GDP per capita, which must not exceed 85% of the average of the area concerned, a request in paragraph 1 must contain sufficient evidence of the existence of (a) a subsidy and, if possible, its amount, (b) harm within the meaning of Article VI of the 1994 GATT in the interpretation of this agreement and (c) a causal link between the subject of the and the alleged harm.

A mere allegation, which is not based on relevant evidence, cannot be considered sufficient to meet the requirements of this paragraph. The application must contain the information reasonably available to the applicant on achievable subsidies Most subsidies, such as production aid, fall into the applicable category. The applicable subsidies are not prohibited. However, they can be challenged either through a multilateral dispute settlement or by compensatory measures where they infringe the interests of another member.

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